What should me and my boyfriend talk about on the phone?

What to talk about on the phone to my boyfriend & like what kind of flirty things should I say?

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talk about wat u did that day or mayb wat u want 2 do when u hang out or tell him a funny story that happened or ask him about sports a lot of guys like it when they think gurls r interested in their sports

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idk wat does he like to talk about wen u dont talk ??

What to talk about on the phone with a boy
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sex big time and what you like about him and what he looks like

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guys love funny women, but not jokes. i mean tell him about a funny situation where you were the funny one. I love it when my girlfriend tells me about how i made her feel.

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look up some funny videos together while we are both on the computer/laptop.talk about how our days went and how we want to see each other over the summer so bad.talk about how we met and what song we want to remind us of each other.talk about what we did in the past and who we went out with but my guy I am with right now is the best.but talk about what you might do the next day and if he wants to come you could ask your parents or just let him come.depends on what you are doing. well that is my advice but me and my boyfriend still talk on the phone for hours not saying nothing.hope that helps you though... :)*your welcome*

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