Does anybody have a pet flower?

Answer #1

I do have flowers, but I don’t really think I’d consider them my “pets”.

Answer #2

Do you talk to it when you water it? Thankyou Mel

Answer #3

I have a pet rock :D

Answer #4

No.. I’m not really sure what I’d say to it. xD

Answer #5

I once did when I was 6 and I once had a pet rock named steve :D

Answer #6

I used to say when i was growing flowers in the grow room. here ya go my liitle babys have some water. They can tell some how that you love them.

Answer #7

haha okay thankyou alissa volkov. And thankyou for the points.

Answer #8

I just realize that I have a pet Baby Bonsai tree. I care for it everyday. It is still a baby. One time my cat Donald came and took all of the leaves off and the tree almost died and I felt horrible. I had to nurse the tree back to health and I almost gave up. Now it is almost back to normal but still very fragile.

Answer #9

Awesome. Love bonsai trees i had many over the course of time. I would give them 24 hours of light. Loved trimming it and watching new growth appear. Thankyou

Answer #10

You are welcome. Thanks for the points.

Answer #11

Here is a link to the tree that I am growing in a pot in my attempt to make it a bonsai. I grew him from a seed I got in Puerto Rico but now I live in North Carolina and it will not survive outside in the winter so I have to keep it inside and make sure the cat don’t kill it.

Answer #12
Answer #13

i use to have a beane with my name on it and it was like my pet. i use to keep it in the bathroom with the best light but my sister killed it with cleaning products.

Answer #14

I have a family of pet rocks and I have a pet tree. lol

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