Pet cat breathing birth

Heeelp ! My cat gave birth to her first litter aand shes breathing heavily and I am not sure but I feel hardness in her womb.. I think its a kitten stuck there I dont know what to do and I cant take her to the vet .. My parents will throw it in the streeet ,,,… I am worried sick and I am not sure what to do Agian

Shes breathing fast and panting .. She gave birth already to two kittens She went throw a normal healthy labor She got up to eat and drink and lay down away from her kittens ..

Is this normal .. Is this heat and what to do if theres somthing stuck in her..

And if you can recommend sites or tips to help me take care of here

(my dad is cheap .. He wanted her thrown in our garage .. And he wouldnt even get her healthy food ..or caned ..


*and I dont suck at writting I am just nervous !!!

Answer #1

she may still be in labor, a cat usually has more then just two kittens. HOWever I do agree with above. you dad is not going to get this cat spayed, or find good homes for the kittens, or the vaccines they need to prevent Upper Respitory Infection. and I am sure he won’t get the babies fixed, this means you will have more and more cats in a matter of a year.
Call the local shelter or animal control and tell them there is a stray that had kittens and you are worried about her heatlth, or call a local cat rescue league

Answer #2

You need to get her to a vet ASAP. As in now, phone the SPCA and get them to come and take the cat. I know you care, but if you can’t provide proper food and care for her then you need to give her to someone who can.

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