Which to have for a pet? Fish, or a cat?

Which to have for a pet? Fish, or a cat? That means, which one would be easier to handle?

Answer #1

Kitties :D

Answer #2

For me a cat, every fish I had died and ended up getting flushed! Cat’s can be a lot of care but you can’t cuddle a fish!

Answer #3

I believe that a fish is easier. but a cat is more fun, for sure:)

Answer #4

if you are really busy, I’d say a cat. fish require a lot of attention. besides, if you get a cat, you have someone to play with. if you get two while they are kittens (that’s what I have), you’ll be entertained constantly. let me know if you need anymore pet advice (especially on cats and dogs; I also have 4 dogs). I’ll be happy to help.

Answer #5

Fish are way easier to care for.

Answer #6

CATS! :)

Answer #7

If you’re looking for an easy pet…then fish…


Answer #8

Fish are way easier - cats are way funner but need attention.

Answer #9

but the thing is fish die way to fast and you need to take care of them like sooo much because they really die easily and cats are less work I think haha

Answer #10

I prefer fish…

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