Period or white stuff help ahh

Hey im 13 and I dont have my period in my life and I have all the symmptomsof getting my period also I keep getting white stuff in my vagina do you get this before you get your period??

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the white icky stuff on your undies is a way of telling you that you will have your period in 6months-1year so dont be scared to tel your mother or any other female that you trust when you think your about to start it in a week or so carry spear pads and tampons the sign of having peroid
breasts get bigger
hair under your arm and pussy
discharge (icky yellow stuff) and much more

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Yes but it could be a thyroid problem too. It sometimes depends on your bodys build

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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the liquidy stuff that comes out of your vagina is called discharge
every girl with a working vagina gets discharge
your vagina is a self ceaning organ
and discharge is just what it cleans out
discharge can be creamy white, clear or a bit yellowy
and its an indication that youll get your period within the year
you will get discarge either every day, or every now and then
which is why theres an extra bit of fabric at the bottom of your knickers
because girls have discharge

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thanks I dont think I have a problem I've been to doctor cause I felt a bit sick and I was wworried and he sayed will be getting my period I have all the symmptoms thanks but more advise about this will be great xx

HELP! I have all this white gooy stuff on the undies, what is it

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