Help! i have all this white gooy stuff on the undies, what is it

I have all this white gooy stuff on the undies & in in lips (of my vagina )
it's gross, it smells bad & everything.
what is it?
I'm 13 & I have started my peirod, I started last year
is it just a sign that I'm gonna get my peirod or something eles?

please help.

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don’t worry its normal
Its called discharge
your vagina is a self cleaning organ
and discharge is just what it cleans out
discharge can be clear, milky white or light yellow and its liquidy goo that comes out of your vagina every day, often, or every now and then
that’s why there’s an extra piece of material in girls underpants
because of discharge

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It's normal and it's called discharge and every woman has it. It is what cleans your vagina.

It can be smellier, thicker and heavier during puberty. So go out to the shops and get yourself some panty-liners and feminine wipes to help keep you feeling fresh.

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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honey im 17 almost 18 and I got the same problem im not sure what it is but obviously it must be normal, and no its just a part of you growing up. I hate it though it gets so annoying and makes me so self conscious. but just be sure to wash down there and you'll be fine :)

period or white stuff help ahh
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dont worry it is discharge and it happens to everyone

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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