How do I get rid of this white stuff coming Out of my vijina?

I need help there is this white nasty stuff coming out of my vijina it gets in my underware it’s so gross can any one help if you can reply asap

Answer #1

how do you get rid of the smell and I use a vibrator

Answer #2

the white stuff shows your sexually attracted unlike other advice it is not bad its natural (my friends mom is a doctor) the only way you can get rid of it is by not thinking sexually it usually happens when girls are in their akward stages like after 5th grade or 7th grade

Answer #3

If you are sexually active you might want to go get that checked especially if it has an odor. If you know for sure that its not an STD then it could be yeast infection, vaginitis, or your vagina cleansing itself. If it persists after several days go get checked… kisses

Answer #4

That happens to me all the time when I think about sex and am all perverted and stuff lol.

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