Will taking 4 birth controls in one day stop my period?

so, I forgot to take my birth control 2 days in a row.. and today I got my period.. so I took 2. then one at the regular time. and another one.. :/ so four. will this stop my period? or will it keep going til its over?

Answer #1


It will probably just make you sick. That’s putting a LOT of hormones into your body at once. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that come with your birth control every month! It tells you what to do if you miss a dose! Usually, the instructions are to double-up if you miss it one day, but not take more than 2 at once. It’s bad for you! The best thing to do is just try to remember from now on. Your period might last a day or two but your body should regulate itself, depending on how long you’ve been on the Pill.

Good luck.

Answer #2

most likely there will be spotting, but taking 4 birth control pills in one day isnt a good idea, its tricking your body into thinking its pregnant, so you ovulate, if you take 4 pills, im sure your body doesnt know what to do.

if you took the pill from the night before that you forgot, when you remembered it the next day thats fine…and your regularly scheduled pill you did it correctly.

if you forget your pill 2 days in a row, thats when you double up… and when youve missed it three days, ALWAYS use a back up form of contraceptive for up to 7 days!

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