One A Day Vitamin / Birth control

Ok this may sound completely stupid but I thought I’d ask on here just to double check =)

I’ve started to take One A Day due to my lack of Calcium just a person choice since I’m almost 18. I’m on birth control too so I just wanted make sure that taken these vitamins won’t effect my pill.


Answer #1

In summary, you should be good to go.

Birth control depletes your body of vitamins, and vitamin C actually helps your body to absorb the estrogen in the birth control pill better.

Note: a multivitamin does not have enough calcium for your daily requirements. I am not aware of calcium interfering with birth control, you should check with your doctor (I’m only a medical student).

USE CONDOMS. Birth control won’t protect you from STDs, and other things besides vitamins and minerals (antibiotics, for example) can make the pill less effective.

Good luck.

Answer #2

you should ask a doctor

Answer #3

idt they will..

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