I want to stop my period cycle for one month

My date is with in 4 day I want to stop my period for one month

Answer #1

I am a family planning Doctor from England, so hope my advice helps.

Usually if my patients are going on holiday or for whatever other reasons they want to stop their period - I usually prescribe a medication called norethisterone, which safely delays the period until either the prescription ends or the patient is ready to have a period. I wouldnt recommend delaying your period for more than 2 months on this.

However, if you are on any birth control pill, you can use this instead to delay your period. Simply carry on taking the next packet instead of having the normal monthly break. This is a safe way to delay your period for up to 3 months - however I wouldn’t recommend that you do this regularly but as a 1 off - this is ideal.

Hope my advice helped

Answer #2

if you’re on birth control you keep taking it and don’t stop or don’t switch to the placebos. Depending what kind you’re taking.

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