What if my cycle doesnt come for this month?

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I'd love to know how a 16yr old can say "that's PERFECTLY normal"!!!???!!!

What's normal for one person is not normal for another --- From your posted age here, you know what's normal for you, no one else but your Dr does...

You didn't add to your question any information --- Did you have unprotected sex?

If so, then there IS the possibility you're pregnant... There's also the possibility you're not and it is stress (the stress of THINKING you MIGHT BE is BIG!)...

If you had sex, and it's nearing your time, and you've not started yet you can take a test... The tests are usually quite accurate if you follow the directions --- they're quite simple really...

There are lots of reasons to be "late"... there's a lot less reasons to actually miss your period --- one of them is you're pregnant...

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depends. if youve had a regulated one, that coould be bad if you have had sex. I don't know how old you are, but if this happened right after you lost your virginity, its quite normal it will stop for about a month, but you could also mean your pregnant. it just depends.

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That is PERFECTLY normal.
Its just your period being stupid lol.
Its normal to even go 6months without a period.
Also stress & eating disorders could trigger that.
Try exercising to regulate it :)

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