period 2 times in 1 month??!!

is it normal to have your period 2 times in 1 month… because ihad mine to the tenth then I got mine again on the 27th…? wats rong w/ me???!

Answer #1

I learn this today! There’s nothing wrong with you - it’s just your body adjusting to puberty and growing and stuff…

Answer #2

I Get My Period At The First Of The Month And At The Middle Or End Of The Month? is this normal

Answer #3

no, it isn’t. it’s just puberty kicking in and you will have a few years of up and down “mood swing” periods.

Answer #4

I’ve been really moody and depressed .. and totally unlike myself laitly…if thatsd unusual???

Answer #5

It’s normal, since you are still in puberty. It takes around 2-5 years for a girls period to even out and become regular, don’t worry. If you aren’t showing signs of being unusually tired or lacking energy, it’s normal, else see your doctor.

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