No periods from 2 months, HPT negative.


I am 29 yr old and have not got my periods from last 2 months, my last cycle was in may’09…as we are planning for pregnancy so it gets highly frustating to get negative HPT and not to get periods for 1-2 months continuously. In May my OBGYN gave me progesteron as my periods were late by 30 days…but this time I did not take that medicine purposely as it does have some side effects. My periods have been very irregular since my childhood but it never bothered me that much…but now as I want to get concieve so its giving me a lot of stress and pressure. Can anyone please tell me if its possible to get pregnant without getting a period for a month or two…or does ovulation takes place during missed cycles.


Answer #1

IF I were you , this is what I did and what I would do, I bought ovulation sticks, you pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating,

I would either take the meds the doctor gave you or stop all together, to me this is messing up your system. Second IT WILL happen when you least expect it, I got so upset month after month getting my period, Well let me tell you , MY husband and I had sex ONE time in Febuary and that is when it happened, and ofcourse I thought no way, I am now 25 weeks. SECOND a women I work with was on the depo shot, stopped taking it and did not get her period for over 6 months, she saw a doctor they told her, NOPE you are not pregnant and did exam and pap, she still took a HPT, and guess what she was pregnant, called the doctor and had ultra sound done, she was already 10 weeks and never new it. I also used the First Response web site to help me on when my most fertile days would be. Good luck, try to relax and let your body do it’s thing

Answer #2

I weight 128 pounds and my height is 5ft3inch. I did see the doctor she says that we should keep trying for 6-8 months and if I am unable to concieve during this time then she will try some medicines, but I during last 3 months I had my periods just once so as it is it got very difficult to track the ovulation…plus I started spotting from July 1..and it lasted for 15 days, at that time when I checked with my OBGYN she said that such kind of discharge is very common and I should keep trying to get preg.

Answer #3

maybe you’re too thin and your body wont risk you loosing that blood im not so sure. I’d advise you to o to a doctor

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