Skipped period 3 months - not the first time it's happened.

I’ve had my period for 2 1/2 years now, and it is still irregular. Is that normal? I get my periods every 1-2 months, usually every second month. But this is the longest I’ve gone without getting it. My last period was late august, and now it’s November. I get occasstional cramping, but it’s very lightly. Usuaully when I do get my periods they hurt like hell and I have to take tons of drugs to calm it down. Sometimes I feel like bloated and sore in my lower abdomen, and I get clear discharge a lot too. These are signs of it coming I know, but it’s not. I also have lost weight rapidly. I weighed 125 now I weigh 109. I walk everyday.. I don’t really eat a lot during breakfast or lunch. (I’m 14 btw.) So.. is this normal? My mom said she might get me on birth control, but I heard bad things about it!

Answer #1

well the same happened to me when you loose a lot of weight your period goes away for a few months because of the dramatic weigh loss but it will come back and become regular again so enjoy this time off!! xp

Answer #2

you shuld still go see a doctor

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