How many people on this website know about the electronic cigarettes?

Answer #1

I do it helped me stop smokeing altogether

Answer #2

I know about them. Thankfully I’ve never been addicted to smoking so I’ve never had to use them.

Answer #3

That’s a good thing u never smoked :-)

Answer #4

Tried it, but HATED every moment of it. Also used to occassionally smoked hubbly, but stopped that now. I’ve seen what it can do to people and their families.

Answer #5

I do. My boyfriend smoked for 18 years but started using the electronic cigarette about 2 1/2 months ago and it has helped a great deal.

There is the option with the electronic cigarette to reduce the amount of nicotine used, which he gradually did every week and now he just uses the flavor and glycerin for the habit.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stop smoking!!

Good Luck!!!

Answer #6

That’s a very good thing, cuz it does affect everyone around u

Answer #7

I agree

Answer #8

I was interested in buying one until I found out that they were not FDA approved. Many brands were found to have some of the same carcinogenic chemicals that cigarettes do. I figured I may as well continue smoking…..At least I know what will kill me….

Answer #9

Check out e vapor dot com, they come from Britain

Answer #10

If they could really come out with a safe ecigarette, then I’m totally buying one. I have yet to find one that is FDA approved, and there is no way to really gauge how much nicotine a cartridge actually delivers. I have been smoking my same brand of cigarettes for over 10 years, and they have not changed. I would rather not stop smoking them in exchange for something else that is potentially as dangerous for my health.

Answer #11

[link removed] Here you be the judge! And it will be a cold day in hell before anybody ever witnesses the Big RICH FDA or cigarette company’s taking out of their half of the pie(your burial-your death-your everything)!!!

Answer #12

Here is the youtube video that convinced me that it is exactly like an addiction to soda drinks. SAD BUT VERY TRUE,folks!!!

Answer #13

Here is the youtube video that convinced me that it is exactly like an addiction to soda drinks. SAD BUT VERY TRUE,folks!!!

Answer #14

sorry it put it here twice,my bad!

Answer #15

I’ve been a smoker for 18 years (2-3 packs a day) and nothing worked. The truth is I did not want to quit. I loved it. The feeling of the smoke passing through my throat and in my lungs and back out again. Even the sight of the smoke was satisfying. For 3 months now I have stopped smoking and started vaping (electronic cigarette). Basically I just exchanged one habit for another. Just one doesn’t kill me or others around me. It doesn’t make my car or my clothes in the closet smell. I don’t smell in the office and It keeps me bosses quiet. They even allow me to vape in the office. My gf doesn’t have to keep telling people she doesn’t smoke cause her hair no longer smells. All these things I didn’t notice. At first it was great. Then it started to malfunction. But I stuck with it and realized that I needed to replace parts often. I had to buy extra atomizers and batteries. Then I realized that refilling cartridges gave u less use every time u refill them. So now I use a drip method. Now I am looking at a mod that allows u to bypass the cartridges and just screw in a bottle of liquid to vape. It takes will power and patients. But let me tell u……..not even close to the amount of will power and patients it will take to go cold turkey. My e-cigg battery died and I had no spare one day and I smoked a tobacco cigarette. It made me gag. For 18years, I never knew it taste like that. Amazing!!!!! Now I vape a liquid I mix myself made from glycerin and a flavor I got from a flavor company. No nicotine. You could stick with the nicotine if you want….it’s just one of many substances found in ciggs so at least you would be reducing risks. For those who have fears that the FDA does not approve e-cigg, I would more fear that they approve and profit from tobacco products. I vape in the car and when I’m at my desk and watching tv. I sometimes forget about it for hrs and sometimes I vape for hrs. While it is habit, I also consider it somewhat of a hobby. If you try it, my advice is enjoy it. If you want to use it as a way to stop smoking, it will help. If you want to eventually stop vaping, then I don’t know. Basically I have quit smoking tobacco. My gf is happy. The kids are happy. My bosses are happy. My mom is happy. And I am happy. By the way I am Avian’s bf. Nice to meet u guys!

Answer #16

Wow,I love your story. You might want to try ECF or VaporBoards forums for folks just like us. To me they are just like family now. If you get a Stickam account, then you can login to ElixirTv at 10:00 est for Friday Saturday & Sunday nights. They have giveaway’s where you can win kits juice and mods. It is alot of fun. I am also Eciglopedia there as well. You would have a blast,hope to see you there!!!

Answer #17

Nah ill just stick to this site. I really like it here and dont have the time for any otehrs. Thank you Very Very much for the Invitation. You tried the Mod Yet?

Answer #18

Check out [link removed]. We offer a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

Answer #19

jerseyvapes. com

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