how many people have had their teeth pulled?

Answer #1

yea I’m getting a tooth of mine pulled soon and just wondering how it feels…like none of my close friends have ever had it done but I’ve seen some random kids in school after they had their teeth pulled and their faces blew up like ballons so I was just wondering how the actual pulling feels and how sore is your mouth afterwards

p.s. its my two canine teeth(the baby ones never came out so they need to be pulled)

Answer #2

I had two pulled when I had to get braces. If it baby teeth it’ll be nothing like what I had done because my teeth had roots.

The gave me funny gas and numbing shots and I felt NOTHING. Lol

It’s not bad, honestly :)

Answer #3

For most people it doesnt hurt at all its never hurt me! Definatly not the baby teeth!

Answer #4

It didn’t hurt me at all, the only thing that bothers me was eating cause it felt weird having a hole your mouth lol.

Answer #5

I haven’t had any pulled (Knock on wood)

Answer #6

i had 3 wisdom teeth pulled out…they numb the area and pull it out if it is a good dentist it is gone & over before you know it :)

Answer #7

I had all my wisdom teeth pulled, there was no issue. It didnt hurt. Take the prescribed pain killers before the anesthetics wear off and keep taking them on the recommended schedule that the dentist gives you and you should avoid the pain.

Answer #8

I’ve had 6 teeth pulled. It’s not that bad. They numb it pretty good so you don’t really feel it. The most you feel is the pinch when they put the shots in your gums to numb it. Just be still. :D

Answer #9

I have gotten all 4 of my canine teeth removed. >.< It didn’t hurt while they were being pulled but it did ache a little after, i doubt you will look like a chipmunk haha because that usually happens when they pull out the wisdom teeth. It will be alright, best of luck :)

Answer #10

I had five teeth pulled, and for all of them I was so terrified that they had to put me under >.< lol.

Answer #11

I had my wisdom teeth removed, 4 at once, because they were growing the wrong direction. But they weren’t pulled. I had a surgery with complete narcosis. Gave me a 14-days headache.

Answer #12

omg. my mom is a dentist and orthodontist and she pulled out 7 (!!!!!!!!!!) of my teeth. she numbed me up and i was good to go. didnt hurt at all. then i also got my wisdom teeth surgically removed because they were blocking my 12 year molars from coming in…

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