Pulling teeth?

Next wednesday im going to get one of my teeth pulled…how bad does it hurt??? Im scared, because I hate the dentist, and needles, and all that stuff

Answer #1

aznsk8er, what eraser thingys?

sluttyeagle, the most painful bit is only the anaesthetic injection near your teeth on your gums to numb the pain from extracting the tooth. And it only lasts a second or two. When I was slightly younger, I went to this dentist who knew I hated needle injections, so she used a cold numbing spray on the area needed. It did the trick, but I don’t think it works for everyone or every procedure, and is probably not as effective as a needle injection.

Answer #2

I got 2 of my teeth pulled out yesterday they made it numb so you wouldnt feel it they give you like shots by the teeth there pulling out…it hurts sry to tell you that but it doesnt hurt as much…dont wry you’ll be fine…I was scared the first time too but I got it all over with…now there pulling out like 2 solid teeth once every week for me cause I still have tons of baby teeth… but hey…I got these awesome eraser thingys for em pulling my teeth out lol

Answer #3

I got 2 teeth pulled when I was young and it was painless so just relax

Answer #4

it’s not bad..the only thing you can feel is the needle and it just kind of stings

Answer #5

nono mysterywolf I got eraser thingys for doin a good job=DDD

Answer #6

nono mysterywolf I got eraser thingys for doin a good job=DDD

Answer #7

all you can feel is some pressure from them yanking on your tooth to get it to come out. there’s no actual pain…except for the injection if you think needles are painful. but that’s not even that bad.

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