Does anyone here know people who are "objectumsexuals"?

I know I spelled it wrong, but it’s where a person is attracted to objects. I saw it on tv and wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it or knows anyone like this? It seems a little too weird to be real.

Answer #1

You spelled it correctly … I don’t know of anyone, personally, although we don’t always know what others are doing in private.

Answer #2

Attracted to objects? Like a vase or binder or something like that? Or is it more like whips or dil… other things? If the first thing, I have never met anyone who thinks that.

Answer #3

Yes like a vase or a couch or a bridge or something.

Answer #4

I personally don’t know anyone like that.But I saw it on the Tyra Show.The chick that was on there is married to the Eiffel tower.I find it a little strange,but if that’s whatever floats her boat,ya know.

Answer #5

Wow that’s weird I never heard about this, interesting

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