Who knows why i feel like this uncomfortable way around people?

I was molested by somebody when i was around 8.It was delt with in court and blabla but for some reason im starting to feel uncomfortable when im with friends or something.Like if a friend will sleep over in the morning i will feel really weird and want them to leave.Or if somebody touches me like a friend or something,i don’t mean like touch touch but i just feel like sexually weird.i don’t know what to do about it .

Answer #1

Im not sure if that all has to do with the molestation. i had been molested at 6 by a stranger and I am 27 now, I am always uncomfortable around people. I have been diagnosed with social phobia disorder and social anxiety. there could be many reasons.

Answer #2

well where did you get diagnosed ?

Answer #3

People all have space boundaries. When you’re a child, you learn to form those boundaries. When someone invades your boundaries and violates your trust in that way, it is hard to then learn to set up those boundaries again, to trust people, to feel completely safe with others. You have to go through a whole relearning process. When I was in my teens, all the guys in my class knew they couldnt hug me. I had really negative reactions to people getting that close or touching me. It took a while. Mostly it was just exposure (i.e. doing what makes you uncomfortable). I just learned to deal with the hugs even though I didnt love it, and eventually I actually started to like getting hugs (I mean there’s a reason people hug each other, affection makes you feel good). You can decide what your new boundaries are going to be and what is going to make you happy. And like really happy, not just less uncomfortable. Because it took many years of discomfort for me to get over my aversion towards close contact with my friends. And then you learn how to tolerate the negative feelings. Because it does get better. But if you avoid it (say you ask your friend to leave, or you dont go near anyone), it will get worse. And you can get to a level you are comfortable with. Some things though may not entirely get better. Like I was at the doctors and he was checking me after an accident. He went to lift my shirt without telling me (to check for the seatbelt bruise), and I practically hit his hand away and jerked back. It wasnt planned, it just happened instinctually. Now that is not something I’m ever going to do anything about because I cant predict when something like that will happen and I cant prepare for it. But that’s not really having an effect on my life. I’d suggest you try a therapist to deal with stuff you may not have been able to process at 8.

Answer #4

I have bee to many places since I became an adult. I looked in the yellow pages found a doctor and had an assesment. I have been to several till I found one that was right for me.

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