What do you think about people dyeing their children's hair?

By children I mean X months- 7 years. Thanks to anyone who gives some input :)

Answer #1

I think that’s just ridiculous. There’s no point in it, a child is born with that hair color for a reason and if they choose to dye it when they’re older then so be it but at that young it’s stupid, who knows how harmful those chemicals are on their heads, I know some burn on my scalp and I’m 15.

Answer #2

its kinda to much of a young age, but you can never stop the parents, its their kid… their property :)

Answer #3

it’s just….horrible! =P

Answer #4

I don’t have much of a problem with it as long as the parents upkeep the colour. It would look atrocious for a child to have black hair with very blonde roots. But as long as it looks alright, doesn’t hurt the child, and the child likes it, then I don’t see the harm. To me, having been a hairdresser, I view hair colours/cuts as just another accessory for our style. To me it’s just like what you dress your child in and what you let them eat.

Unhealthy poorly dressed child eating mcdonalds vs tidy child eating a museli bar but with colured hair….

Answer #5

I think it’s horrible. Kids don’t need to have their hair dyed.

Answer #6

Horrible idea!

Answer #7

I can’t say that I agree with it. I feel like the parents should be teaching self acceptance more then they should encourage or allow something like this. I’m okay with teens doing the whole hair dying thing, but letting kids under the age of 13 or 14 is just really unnecessary.

Answer #8

I think that’s way too young to be teaching them about changing their looks. Sure, putting a semi-permanent streak in for a school carnival or something that will wash out in a couple days is ok but putting chemicals in their hair in the hope of completely changing the way they look is just irresponsible and stupid.

Answer #9

. It’s a shame to risk dyeing young. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #10

I think in many ways its a signal to the child that their parents aren’t happy with the way they look, and that in turn can cause confidence issues. Your child is your child, not a dress-up doll, or a trophy. And it also might be a possible sign of some serious control issues on the part of the parent.

Answer #11

A child is NOT property.

Answer #12

It is funny when people say its horrible and bad but I am pretty sure that half of these people know a young child who has their hair relaxed or permed or straightened with heating products and that does just as much if not more to a child’s hair.

Answer #13

Mind you their are hair dyes like rinses and hair henna that do as much harm as a bunch of hairspray and hair gel. Also children’s hair after age 5 is the same as someone with natural hair at age 20.

Answer #14

its a figure of speech, saying, its not anybodys child its theirs!

Answer #15

Definitely don’t do it, doing this to a child’s hair will make them lose there hair quicker and it will be fried and usually once you (they) dye their hair more than likely they will continue doing it. It is not healthy for the child’s brain anyway the chemicals in the dye will and can effect the brain.

Answer #16

It’s okay depending on the age. My younger brother is 14 and has naturally red hair. People teased him all the time for having red hair, so my dyed it black a few times. Younger than 13 is to young to get your hair dyed though.

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