Do you think it's acceptable for children to change their clothes in public?

I’m not talking about kids after they hit like 8 but for the younger ones? I was at ballet practice and I saw a woman helping her daughter (Age: 4-6) change onto her ballet stuff and I she was standing there naked! The bathroom was free but know one seemed to care but me…. Do you think this is wrong or am I over reacting? Their were men in the room at the time too… Thanks for the help! - Katie :D

Answer #1

The parents have no regard for their child’s privacy. If the mother dose not care about their kid’s privacy, then she would be like one of those mothers who tell embarrassing stories about their kid to others. For the most part, the kid may lead an embarrassing life, just because their mother has no perception to her kid’s feelings.

Answer #2

At my daughter’s swim school parents would usually change their toddlers on open changing tables. There were a few changing rooms but generally they were only used when parents were suiting up for one of the parent-child classes. I think you are overreacting. Young kids really don’t care and everyone there are parents so no biggie.

Answer #3

i personally also dont like people who change their babies or toddlers in public, and not just because there can be pedos watching, but becase even at a young age and even if the kids dont care, i think they should still not be allowed to run around naked in public. its fine if they do it in the privacy of their own home, but not in public in my opinion. also soemtimes the child might even feel uncomfortable because their naked and no one else is

Answer #4

This absolutely depends on how it is accepted in society. I live in Germany, we have many nudist beaches and even parks in large cities where people sunbathe nude. You will see naked infants in every public swimming pools baby-area. We have baby changing stations in some shops. Just next to where they sell the nappies. You can see women breastfeeding in public here.

And no one ever thinks bad things about it. A person without clothes is not embarrassing or weird over here. Bur just a person without clothes. We will not like people to walk into a shopping area or into a restaurant naked. But who cares if their neighbors sunbathe nude on the balcony or in their gardens? Nobody.

So I think that changing a baby in public is completely appropriate over here. Because, you know, it’s just no big deal. It’s natural. And if the kid has filled his nappies, fallen into a puddle or taken a shower in their sweet drink, it would be bad for the kid to wear the dirty/wet stuff any longer than necessary.

Answer #5

its normal now… people now rome nude on beaches and lot places

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