How can people drink so many bottles of beer at one time?

Answer #1

Its called a “tolerance level”. Say you drink 3 bottles of beer and get crazy drunk. After doing that repeatedly for an extended period of time, your body adapts to that amount of beer/alcohol being in your system and after awhile learns how to function normally. So what does an alcoholic do? They increase their consumption. This threshold where a person begins to get drunk is the tolerance level. It increases and increases until the person either A gets help or B dies from poisoning.

Answer #2

Not many alcoholics die of alcohol poisoning. They’re more likely to die of a liver disease or some other sort of disease.

Answer #3

Agreed with ty. It’s the same with medication as well, people get addicted to sleeping pills and other substances and their bodies adapt. You get some people who can swallow almost a whole bottle at a time which is immune.

Also fatter and unfitter people can handle alcohol better than skinny, fit people.

Answer #4

Indeed, these are all details that I did not add.

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