Why dont people know about the Bilderberg group?

Answer #1

Probably because it’s unofficial, invite-only, closed to the public kind of group. They don’t really get much coverage. I had to look it up because I hadn’t heard of it before, so..

Answer #2

Never even heard of this group? Care to dish some light on who or what this group is?…… I heard about the Free Mason, which they do have the group here in Oz. The group are very restricted and the bond between members are so closed that not one person will ‘rat’ on another person.

Answer #3

It is more of an event than a group, as the membership changes from year to year seemingly dependant upon who is in the best spots to weild the most power in that upcoming year. Usually between 100 and 150 of the worlds elite from Poltics, Business and media. Supposedly they discuss ways to influence and shape the whole world into there ulimate goal of a “New World Order.” Past Attendees include: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Barak Obama, George W. Bush, Brent Scowcroft, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth, Cheney, John Kerry, and the list goes on and on. Really eire stuff. It would not surpirise me if this body elected candidates all around the globe.

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