Can having your laptop on your stomach affect your health?

I always lay down while on it and set it on my stomach. Could it affect my health? I am a girl.

Answer #1

Not necessarily, it can just leave you with some burns, they could be bad if it gets too hot and you leave it on your stomach too long.

Answer #2

agreed with kayla

Answer #3

I’m not sure about health concerns, but like stated above, I don’t think it’s dangerous. I do it a lot, and all I get is minor stomach aches. Just remember that your body is filled with acids and chemical reactions, heating your body in this way could possibly and slightly speed some of those reactions up.

Answer #4

There right. You can get some pretty nasty burns. My gf use to sit her laptop on her legs. She has burns on her legs bad enough that she still has dark spots months later. She might even end up with permanent scares. That is not really a health risk but if its getting hot enough to leave burns, and laptops can, there is no way to tell what other damage it does.

Answer #5

I’ve never got burns but i’ve heard around it causes fertilety problems.

Answer #6

I cant say ether way on that.

Answer #7

Dont think it will effect much :)

Answer #8

I also lay it on my stomach and have never gotten burned or scared prob cause I’m smart enough to take it off if it gets too hot on me.

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