Peculiar Question

Is it legit to be hated by my aunt because I’M NOT GAY?

Answer #1

If your aunt is that judgmental, to hell with her.

Answer #2

its realy no more different than an aunt hating you because you were gay but when you turn the tables around it is starnge, yes and not a good reason to hate you, whichever way the tables are turned your aunt needs to be more open mnded and needs to accept you and your sexuality if your not gay, thats no reason for her to hate you same as if you were gay

Answer #3

That’s just messed up!

Answer #4

you aunt might need to visit mental health clinic, just for a check up or somethin then…

Answer #5

why does she want you to be one?

Answer #6

no.. but thats weird. lol..

Answer #7


Answer #8

its your aunt what does it matter.. tell her if she cant except the fact that you are straight and you think you would no more then her since its your body so what if you were gay, it isnt a big deal

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