I have eating a 2 sandwhichs with peanut butter what will happen???

omg… I ate a brand of peanut butter called peter pan and it said that it is a contaminaated peanut butter jar what will happen to me???

Answer #1

iidK BUT II n03 for sure that you cnt eat jiffs pb and ii no3 certain pb will make yah go to the br o0h another thing sumtimes the jar lies so0 they can have more people buy the prouduct

Answer #2

A girl in my class ate half of a huge box of peanut butter crackers that she bought at Sam’s Club…she said she had gotten sick …like diarhea… for a few weeks and didn’t know why until the store sent her a note saying not to eat the crackers about 1 month after she had bought them..lol a little too late for them to tell her, I’d say.

Answer #3

This whole contaminated thing going around happened at ONE factory in Georgia or something. Its not in normal peanut butter plain.. or like… peanut butter M&Ms.. like jamminlexie said; it is the peanut butter crackers and such substances like that.. Or some lil snack foods like Lil Debbies. Otherwise.. eating a peanut butter sandwich is fine because that isn’t in the qualifications.

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