Who has any info on Canada?

Help ! I am writing a book and Canada is included in it any info would help please e.g. Places to meet up , hang out, cities neer forrests please help thanks

Answer #1

Just pm if you need real answers, I just read toxic_mess’s answer and had a good laugh, we make great pizza and even better dancers.

I am Canadian, born and raised here, I’ve lived all over Ontario (one of our provinces) and have been great friends with people from all over our country.

Answer #2

I went to toronto once if you are from the states and you get caught doing something illegal they will ban you from the country, the drinking age is 18 or 19, every one I met liked hockey, the pizza tastes like crap, and no one knew how to dance oh yea and they have the marshals there like cops except they stand perfectly still and can’t talk, some of the video games there are considered to be contriban if you get caught bringing them back, it’s was very cold and where I was all the traffic lights and walk lights were syncronised

Answer #3

It snows.

Niagra Falls was nice…and HUGE

Well, I only went when I was like 6.

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