Can you help me get to Canada?

I’m cheerful person and I’ m serous,reliable,creative and honest man.I’ d to make a good relationships with others.I need some help to immigrate to Canada because I want to build my life freely.I also ,I want to make a great trade and my children have a good services in all fields .thats because I hear good news about Canada and people have a good treatment there.It also, collects all nationalities but there an equation between them.I would be grateful to every one if he helped me.

Answer #1

Thats great that you want to come to Canada, great choice. You should talk to some immigrant businesses so you can find out what you have to do to come here legally. Also search jobs, housing, etc. before you come. Western Canada is the most expensive part in Canada to live in. So I would suggest the Eastern area.

Answer #2

well well well the EAST is good but where are the jobs if you are moving come to west and go to the canadian ammbessy near you they can guide you depending on your situation

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