Pass a urine drug test

I have a urine drug test to take in 1 day, and I smoke marjuania! What can I take to clean my system and not cost so much money? Is there any home remedy or whats the cheapest but most guarenteed thing to take?

Answer #1

Nothing…there is nothing that cleans the system but abstinence…sorry.


Answer #2

yeah your f**ked.. you shouldnt be smokin it shud u? theres a reason its illegal.:)

Answer #3

The most guaranteed method is called not doing it.

Answer #4

It takes about 3 days to get it out of your system - IF you are an occassional smoker (Couple times a MONTH). Heavy, habitual smokers can take 3-4 weeks.


Answer #5

Pectin baby… Get to a head shop, get some of that Nuclear green Pectin… maybe 20 bucks… that’s the best you can do right now…

Don’t be surprised if you pee comes out looking like Mountain Dew…

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