Smoked weed two weeks ago will i pass a urine drug test?

if I smoked weed two weeks ago and I never usually do and I took a urine drug test and I weigh 130 pounds and I 5'5 will I pass?

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Weed is in your system for 30 days

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No, its still in your system, drink half a cup of water and half of vinegar everyday until you take and and you should be good, or drink cranberry juice, which is super expensive...

What if I haven't smoke in a week could I pass the drug test?

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I have a drug test tomorrow and I havent smoked weed for 3 weeks. I have been drinking a ton of crystal light-which is mostly water and today im going out to get vinegar and cranberry juice. I weigh 220 and im 6'0, do you think that I will pass?

what is a home remedie to take to pass a urine drug test?

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