What makes parents not treat each one of their children the same?

Answer #1

Children are individuals with individual needs…one child may require more attention than another, or one may require more discipline than another. You need to raise your children according to their needs, not always by equality. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t love them equally - that’s one thing that shouldn’t deviate.

Answer #2

Each child is unique, and each comes with a different personality. It is really not that we treat them differently but we treat them according to their needs at the time. For example, when my daughter was born, and in her first few years, my son had serious jealousy issues. He thought I loved her more and that I was paying more attention to her. I had to explain to him that she needs more attention now because of the fact that she was a baby. Now he stills feel he is the less loved child but that is not so, each of them have stuff that I love about them; he has a good, kind heart always willing to help, and I love that.She on the other hand does not have that, but I love her just as much she has a strong personality and one that never gives up. It’s about loving them for their individuality.

Answer #3

I guess maybe one behaves better than the other or one is newer than the other..i know it sounds like im talking about dogs but no lol..i find it very weird that somebody would treat their children differently..well i see that if the child has a medical issue then that differently is just fine.but if two children like two different things and don’t have medical issues you should treat them differently as they would like..but love them both the same.children can feel left out because they are different.or if they have a sibling they can feel favoritism torward that brother or sister..you don’t want that.that isn’t good at all and results in hurt and fighting.

Answer #4

I so agree with you.. I see this happening all the time with my own children. My son always thinks that his sister gets more love and attention from everyone else although I reassure him all the time how much I love him. It is so difficult as parents sometimes..

Answer #5

While it is nice to say that parents love all their children equally, I’ve seen that this is not true in the way they treat their children. It is ridiculous how parents will sometimes fawn over or be bonded to one child and completely disconnected from another. I have no clue why that is. As far as I can figure, each child is an individual, and as an individual, you’re going to love certain things more than others. Like how in large families some siblings are more connected than others. But I dont know, the theory is you always love your kids. Of course the theory is so very often b.s.

Answer #6

It is not in amount of quality, but maybe in amount of quantity. The smallest usually need more time comsuming attention since they are still so dependent on their parents. The bigger ones need our attention in different way… I LOVE THEM SAME WAY THOUGH LOL…:-)

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