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How to make my parents step up to their parent plate?

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My little brother is useless. He can't do shiat by himself. He's just 5! He can't talk properly, can't eat by himself, doesn't eat healthily, and I'll get into more of that later. They(my parents) use the excuse that he is autistic but that is bull. My brother, sister and me got raised but my little bro didint. He is literally a vegetable that can't do anything. I try to tell them that they aren't doing a good job but they laugh and say he's just a kid. Call children services? Nah, they aren't abusive and I think it's because after they had me that weren't expecting another kid so I think they slacked off. They really are good at heart tho. Whoops I forgot about something: my little bro is just on the computer and he has no interaction with other stuff. That is until we got rid of our crappy computer and got another one that is more expensive so he isint allowed to be in that one. Should I take the lead and raise him myself or should they step up their plate? Seriously, I'm getting worried that a 5 yr old cant talk.