Why are my nephew's parents such bad ones?

His mother is still young. She is 23 now with a 6 year old son. But still, thats no excuse. All she ever does is go out every night to bars and parties and comes back really drunk leaving me to watch him, and I mean EVERY NIGHT! The father is just as lazy as she is and he is 32. They both go out at the same time though not always together and I am always the one left to watch him. Because of this I can never really leave the house or get some of my college work done. This has been going on for a few months now. Not only that but my Nephew’s mother recently brought a dog into our house and she treats it the same way. Everytime she would leave it alone while I am in my room it would constantly make sad noise. Sometimes I would feel bad for it and let it into my room. But other times I would be to busy to look after both of them due to college. I try to tell them about this scenario and that is needs to be fixed, but no one really listens to me because I am the youngest even though I am 20 years old. What should I do? What can be done!?

Answer #1

Tell them you’re very intent on making it in school…so won’t be babysitting or watching the dog…then pick up your books and study in the library.


Answer #2

Stop agreeing to baby sit? There’s not much you can do except stop being part of the problem. If she didnt have anyone to babysit, she wouldnt go out. If she does leave him alone, you can call child protective services.

Answer #3

Youve got to tell them both that youre done being a parent to their child. If they dont have a free babysitter they probably wont be going out as often.

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