What do you do when your parents keep threatening to kick you out, but when you mention moving somewhere... they tell you "No."?

I am so aggravated. Every time my mom doesn’t take her medicine, she snaps at me for no reason. It gets me upset, and I sort of snap back telling her not to snap at me like that because I did nothing to her. Then, my dad will barge in my room telling me off, and saying not to talk to my mom like that. I try explaining that she snapped at me for no reason, but he doesn’t want to hear it. So, then I tell him, okay, just get out….because obviously, he doesn’t care what I have to say, and blames me for every argument. When I tell him to get out, he says something like “Keep on and you won’t be living here”…

They’ve threatened to kick me and my boyfriend out at least 5 times in the last year. Yet, when I mention moving somewhere with his family…they tell me I can’t. I am only 17, so I can’t move out without their consent. So, wth?

I honestly don’t want to move out though, I like it here…and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else right now.

Answer #1

it depends here in cali, u have to be 18 to move..so if ur under 18 here ur gonna have to put up with ur parents regardless unless there physically abusing u..but other then that u have to try to ignore them till ur old enough to move out:)

Answer #2

Ignore them. Next time your mother snaps, don’t snap back, walk out of the room. That way you’ll avoid this whole story every time. Most parents threaten but rarely do what they threaten about. Just ignore it and your mother. I mean by now you should know that she’ll snap if she hasn’t had her meds.

Answer #3

Well if ur under 18 u can’t move out no matter how much they say u gotta go

Answer #4

It just hurts when they threaten to kick me out…I mean, it’s not like I did something worth getting kicked out over. It makes me feel like not having anything to do with them. I get confused because I think they want me out, but then when I mention leaving…they say I can’t. They’re so confusing. :/

Answer #5

A little tip Angel, at 17 the cops wont even bother bringing you home since your so close to legal its not worth the fight. If it gets that bad and you have somewhere else to live and a way to support yourself, you can leave. Be sure its what you really want though, leaving on good terms is always better.

Answer #6

I’d say to ignore her when she gets angry, save up money, then move out when you’re legally allowed to do so. I can understand that ignoring can be tough, but getting into the arguments doesn’t help the situation at all.

Answer #7

@angelee27 sorry ur going through that..but my advice is the same as irene ignore them for now..i used to live with my greedy uncle who calls me bunch of bs and yells at me to get the f### out..try ignoring them for now:) sorry i wasn’t much of help..

Answer #8

Then try and speak to them when they are calm and your mother is in a good mood. If they still don’t listen, just avoid the whole scenario of them wanting to kick you out. Surely you can walk out of the room when your mother freaks out?

Answer #9

I don’t want to leave. :(

Answer #10

just reply “ok mummy you win”…. that will be the end of it!

Answer #11

I would just move out, honestly i would…it would drive me insane, but i would miss my sister too much. but anyways, seeing as how you do not want to move out, have you tried sitting down with them and talking to them about it? maybe they would listen? are they the type who would listen anyways? im sure they just want you safe, but when they get mad they just go a little too far, maybe?? haha i cant say for sure, but im sure they love you and want the best for you.

Answer #12

Know that they don’t mean it, they are just using this in some way when you do something wrong or you get in a fight with them or things like that, this just means that they don’t mean it but when they get mad they will say things as such.

Answer #13

They dont actually want you out. They are simply trying to regain some control. Understand that parents and kids hit this crazy period come teenagedom, and it’s hard for both of them to negotiate it. You’re upset your parents are threatening to kick you out. Now imagine if they were on here talking about you. They’d be asking why their teenager, the kid they love and have raised for 17 years keeps threatening to leave with her boyfriend. They dont mean it. If they did, they’d have done it. I have a suggestion. When people are calm (I mean you too). You need to express how you feel without accusations. ‘When you tell me that you could kick me out, I feel hurt as if you don’t want me here any more, and I want to be here. I dont want us to get to the point where I no longer want to be here’. In your words. No accusations. Just explain that it is upsetting when your parents say stuff like that. And you dont want to get to a point where that is true. And neither do they. You guys are just both stuck in this circle unable to see the other point of view. Which is a bad reason to continue hurting each other, no?

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