Do you think it's right for someone to be charged with statutory if the other person lied about their age?

Say there was a 16 year old, and a 21 year old. The 16 year old told the 21 year old he/she was 19. They get in a relationship, and later have sex. Later, the 21 year old says he/she doesn’t think it’s going to work out. So, they break up. The 16 year old gets mad, and tells someone he/she was ra.ped by that person. They then get charged with statutory, and get sent to prison.

He/she didn’t know they were underage, is it right that he/she was charged?

Answer #1

In an ideal world, no, because he didn’t know she was under age…however, it’s her word against his and the onus is on him to prove that he is innocent..unless he can come up with significant proof that she lied to him about her age, then he can be considered lying to save himself from charges - this is actually an argument that many men will use, and therefore, it is not considered a viable exemption from the law….so…guys…ask them to see a birth certificate before you do anything!

Answer #2

Lol, Colleen…why do you say she and he…it’s not always the guy that does it. :P

Answer #3

in a way yes, in the eyes of the law a crime was committed. from an adult perspective you should know the person you are in a relationship with and should know how old that person is- like if they are still in high school or not- whether they have a drivers license or not, whether they are still living at home- all that should paint a pretty good picture of the age of who you are dating. so from a legal standpoint- it would be an easy defense for someone to commit a crime and then simply say taht the minor lied about her age. the best defense against being charged with a crime is remaining aware of who you are with, where you are at- basically covering your own backside. the judge more or less looked past all the ‘he said she said’ and looked at the facts of the case- an adult had sex with a minor- thus the perpetrator has been incarcerated- so the backstory really doesn’t make a difference.

Answer #4

give me a break- THE WORD J@IL IS NOT ALLOWED!

Answer #5

I read this and I was very confused for a second, because a 16 year old is not underage in my country

Answer #6

Oh? Here, it’s 18.

Answer #7

here too dan… at 16 your legally an adult.

if you notice ill never go mental if a 16 year old talks about sleeping with her partner if their from uk, oz and nz but ill mention my concerns if their from america and go absolutely cujo on them if its a 13 year old and an adult from anywhere.

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