How long should you date someone before you meet their parents?

See, my boyfriends mom really wants to meet me and my family but we’ve only been dating for a week and a half :/ Too early? I think so but then again, I’m new at all of this.

Answer #1

Nope, not to early at all in my opinion. However if you don’t feel comfortable with it tell him, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Answer #2

I think you should meet them when you feel comfortable enough. Don’t meet them if you don’t think your ready. There’s no certain time you should meet them, everyone’s different :)

Answer #3

True :/ But I’m kind of nervouse they wont like me or that my parents wont like him or worse, my mom will give him some terribly embarrasing speech on how to treat her little girl :O

Answer #4

Thank you:)

Answer #5

Warn him beforehand and tell him you’re nervous. Everyone gets nervous about meeting the parents.

Answer #6

:)Aww cute! Well, i think u guys should meet eachothers parents when your ready(: My bf nd i hv been going out for 6 months<3 his parents actually came ovr on my b-day, which was about a month aftr we 1st strtd going out:))) I felt comfortable, nd he was ready<3 Well, Good Luck!!!:)))))

Answer #7

i am goin to a family reunion with mine on saturday. we been together a month. already met his mom. like 3 days after we started dating haha. he is the one <3

Answer #8

i met my bf’s parents and siblings after 8 months of dating but that was bc we have a long distance relationship :( but i LOVE his mom and brother… his sister not so much lol

Answer #9

well like others said when your ready but I think when it gets more serious then you meet them just in case it didnt work out and you wont make your self look dum

Answer #10

it doesnt really matter when it just matters if you are comfortable and ready and exactly if your nervous just tell your bf he will understand and if you dont want to meet them yet he will understand!

Answer #11

i think its not about how long you long but how much convinced you are that you want to introduce that person, how much your feelings grow.. you know atimes you just meet a person, fall head over hills and say yes! thats the one.. and you do something crazy like introduce them.

Answer #12

Thanks for all the advice guys (: Weve decided to wait till weve been together for a little bit longer

Answer #13

Case to case basis - but, if want to earn the trust of your parents by all means, introducing him to them is the best way…

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