Back pain caused by allergy?

Has anyone ever heard of excruciating back pain, onset by a food allergy?

I had my boyfriend’s leftovers from Applebee’s–an oriental chicken salad—at around 9pm last night. By midnight my back was in excruciating pain. It radiated from my lower back to under my ribs and even breathing caused pain. I actually considered the ER. Is this something that could have been caused by the food allergy? I laid in bed in unbearable pain until the allergy medicine kicked in and put me to sleep, and today it is sore as if someone stomped on it holding an elephant. What is it?

Answer #1

I think you could have had food poisining. Food poisining can cause back pain.

Answer #2

I’m not know the question

Answer #3

You could have gotten food poisoning. It’s possible that your back may be hurting due to that. Believe me, weirder things have happen. I just found out that I have STREP in my LEG. Good luck.

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