Where is the least painfull and least deadly place on the body to be shot?

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The hands or the feet are the least deadly places on the human body to get shot. As far as least painful goes though, its virtually all the same.

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probably the leg because there are no organs there and when you get shot it gonna hurt the same where ever you get shot

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Your femoral arteries are some of the biggest arteries in your body, if those get pierced by a bullet you are almost guarenteed to bleed to death before you could even make it to the hospital.

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Forgive me, but I need to ask - why do you need to know?

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I'd have to say the hair.

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i will add to colleens statement- why do you want to know???

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I'd have to say I think the outer arm, youd want somewhere with a lot of fat and no organs.

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The forearms are probably the second best place to get shot. They are a little more risky than the hands or feet though because the forearm contains the radial and ulnar arteries which will bleed out much faster than the arterial endings in the hands or feet.

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Hmm, depend what you mean by shot.. Technically the least painfull way to get shot is when is grazes you. (thats when only the edge of the bullet hits you as in it almost misses you) and least deadly i would agree with strange000.

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