Pain in my ribs, what is it?

im having pains in my ribs what could it be ?

Answer #1

I used to have that a lot when I was in middle school and it ended up going away. I am 23 now and have acid reflux (excessive heart burn), I figured that that was the explanation for the pains when I was younger… anyways I hope thats not the case with you but you should definately get it checked out… good luck!

Answer #2


Answer #3

thanks I will

Answer #4

im not sure but I get them all the time so if you find out could you let me know please. sorry I couldn’t help :( take care x

Answer #5

I have had past experiance of this and im getting a camera down my throat to see what the problem is soon

Answer #6

yh I had problems for 3 years now

Answer #7

do you eat a lot ?? x

Answer #8

I got them in my sides now.

Answer #9

same. do you think that might have something to do with it. ill look it up for the both of us. x

Answer #10

ok I hope it goes well sound scary thou lol. funmail me if you like . xx

Answer #11

its all in my ribs area

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