What should I pack for my Washington D.C. trip tomorrow?

So far I have my phone, iPod, umbrella, money, snacks for the ride, and a camera. So far that’s all. Do I need anything else?

Answer #1

Clothes?!? unless you’re planning to go naked.

Answer #2

Haha, of course I’m going to wear clothes

Answer #3

Maybe a notebook and a couple of pens incase you want to make any notes about anything you see. A canvas shopper bag that you can fold up inside your other bag for now, just in case you buy anything. A flask or bottle of water. Batteries for your camera. You seem to have everything else you need :)

Answer #4

If you’re staying overnight stuff like shampoo, clothes, etc. If you’re not then all that you’ve already packed should probably cover it. Maybe spare socks if it sounds like it’ll rain?

Answer #5

Yeah, I ‘m just going for the day. And socks would be a good idea, they think it’s going to rain the whole time we’re there. Thank you (:

Answer #6

I forgot all about a water bottle! Thank you (:

Answer #7

No problem :) have fun!

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