What should I pack for a trip to the beach?

Everytime I go to the beach it is a disaster. I either got the wrong thing or I forgot this or I didn’t think of that. So I want you, the FunAdvice community, to help me make my packing list for a trip to the beach!

Answer #1

Haha alright 1)Two towels 2)Three or Four waters 3)beach chair 4)sunglasses 5)ponytail holders 6)ipod or phone maybe 7)sunscreen 8)some food to eat all day 9)camera? 10)change of clothes?

Answer #2

This is what I bring to the beach:

~ My cell phone ~ Money ~ Two towels (I like to bring a big one to lay on & tan, & another towel to dry off with) ~ Sunscreen ~ Aloe Vera (it’s an after-sun lotion that you apply if you get sunburned) ~ Water Bottle & any snacks I want ~ Magazines & books ~ Sunglasses or a hat ~ My makeup bag ~ A hairbrush ~ Shampoo/conditioner to wash my hair after going swimming ~ An extra change of clothes ~ Goggles, beach toys, etc. ~ My ipod (if you’re going with friends, you may even want to bring a louder music player like a boom box or ipod speakers so you can all listen)

Have fun! Hope I helped (:

Answer #3

Flip flops!!(: I forgot them last year.

Answer #4
  • Spending money (In case you see a snack shack and can’t resist the nachos)
  • Magazine (For the ride) -Pen (In case a guy asks for your number :3 ) And what everyone else said :)
Answer #5

you forgot few thing hats plastic bags (for beach treasures and wet clothes) first aid kit Don’t forget the beach chairs and beach umbrella too. have fun

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