Our six month kitten is constipated after being spayed is this ok?

We had our six month kitten spayed last monday her stitches are healing but still a bit swelling especially in one area. before she was spayed she would have bowel movements twice a day. now its once and looks like she may of been straining to go, for the passed day she has not been at all. She slept most of yesterday but today seems to have more energy. I am thinking of taking her to the vets if she dosent go today. could you please help me with this. thanks Louise

Answer #1

I think this is normal, shes probably scared to go! I would just call your vets and ask there advice!

Answer #2

hi,I don’t want to worry you as it might not be connected but I had 2 of my cats spayed in november,mum and her 6 month old baby.while the baby had a large lump formed 2 days before removal of her stitches they said it was just fluid and it will calm down on it’s own.as for the mum (janice) she started suffering from constipation and was too often found in the litter tray really struggling.apparantly this is normal,but have got up today to find her collapsed on the floor and within 5 minutes she had passed away.GET IT CHECKED OUT ASAP. regards,lisa

Answer #3

why does my kitten smell after being spayed?

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