Answer #1

I dislike it though some people like it but if your 1st wife somehow is not ok or health problem or cant support you then in this case he can go for second one but he need permission from his 1st wife before marriage.

Answer #2

I don’t like it. I feel it really demeans women, and it’s my belief that marriages should be monogamous.

Answer #3

I think it’s rather stupid.

Answer #4

I hold nothing against it. However, I, myself, would not like to share my spouse, call me selfish if you wish. If a man believes he can assist more than one wife with their needs and wants, then that is entirely his decision. However I dont think polygamy relationships really work. I believe that one is enough for everyone. Having another partner means devoting half your attention, time, money, etc, to them too, which puts you in a state where the wives only have half a relationship. If the wife understands this and is okay with a polygamous relationship, I don’t see the harm.

Answer #5

Well i don’t like it but if wife gives permission to merry another girl then it is accepted. As long as all of them are happy , there shouldn’t be any problem. But if the Husband is forcing to merry another time only for his desire then it is illegal

Answer #6

I don’t think it is bad. But it should only be allowed if there is equal rights about it. I mean: If a man can marry several women then a woman should also be able to marry several men.

And if we legalize that, homosexual marriage should also be allowed with the same rights.


(This will eventually lead to networks of people married to each other, so you can meet someone who is married to someone who is married to someone who is married to you… kinda like facebook… I don’t want to be the judge on any divorce case nor the guy at IRS to calculate family income.)

Answer #7

i beleive that in certain circumstances strange things like polygomy do work for certain people, but i dont agree that everyone who is one is happy with it. i beleive in monogamy, only having one partner at a time and would never have more than one. i would NEVER be a polygamist, but while i do look down upon most of them since they have a lot of other strange beleifs and how so many women can not be jjelouse o at least live with jealosy…i understand that it works for soempoeple, and what they do with their life doesn concern me

Answer #8

I am will to spend my whole life proving that all my love is for my wife! How in the world am i going to cope with another?

Answer #9

I think if all parties involved are consenting adults, the government should have no right to interfere. Just like with gay marriage.

Answer #10

I agree with this. If everyone agrees to it, what is the big issue. I don’t see anything wrong with then.

Answer #11

Marriage has legal as well as emotional, cultural, and religious implications. US law only recognizes a marriage between one woman and one man so any auxiliary wives or husbands are not legally part of the marriage.

Legally marriage is a merger between two people. If a doctor is married to a rich spouse and the doctor gets sued for malpractice all of the couple’s assets can be seized. Likewise if one partner wins the lottery it is officially property of both spouses. I have no problem with whatever number of men and women wish to play house and I don’t care of they consider themselves married or not, I don’t think it is necessarily wise to become a part of a group marriage but if everyone involved are consenting adults than it is none of my and ideally none of government’s business as Jamal said.

One of the problems with actual polygamy is that since only the first marriage is recognized the subsequent wives (don’t think there is a lot of polyandry in the US) are legally single mothers who qualify for public assistance which I understand is often received. I’m not crazy about the idea of financially supporting this arrangement. I don’t think it is acceptable to a married couple to have more children than they can afford then rely on society to keep them afloat and I feel the same way about polygamous marriages.

Answer #12

If you want to have seven wives, go for it. The more the merrier! :D

Answer #13

Polygamy is a religion, and like most other religions it is used and abused for the purpose of empowering one group by dominating over another. I’m all for multiple marriges if it’s between consenting adults who are involved all by their own choice, but when a religion is twisted to a point where senior aged men have multiple teenage brides, there’s a problem. I guess my opinion on polygamy is that it was invented and designed for men to live out their sexual fantasies in a time when something like this was easy to get away with.

Answer #14

I think it is a really horrid kind of religion with twisted beliefs. A man who marries a number of women just to pleasure himself. That is really sick.

Answer #15

I can’t say I like it in the least. I believe in being with ONE person, and only one person at a time, male or female. However, that’s me. There are people out there in which it works for(myself not included). As long as all people involved agree and have no issue with it, then I don’t see the big deal. Why should the way someone else live their life concern me if it’s not directly affecting me.

Answer #16

Some cultures allow a man to take more than one wife. In such an atmosphere, the man may become an overlord rather than a husband and father. Furthermore, polygamous marriage often fosters competition among wives. For Christians, the Bible allows only singleness or monogamy.—1 Corinthians 7:2.

Answer #17

agreed…… plus it’s hard to please one woman…. let alone more. haha

Answer #18

Many opinions!!

Answer #19

in my opionion i think its okay i mean i watch all these movies on how its bad but then i saw the thing for sister wives and i fiqured its there way of life i shouldnt judge i mean i cant really say that i would do al though i always kid around that i do so the other wife would cook and clean

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