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ok so this is kinda embarressing but anyways...
I had my first kiss in sleep away camp when I was 13. thats what I loved about sleep away camp, I could be whoever I wanted to be.
you see, at home I'm known as "the smart one" and no guy would think of me that way. anyways, I'm 16 now and I havent kissed a boy since that one 3 years ago in sleep away camp, and its even worse then never haven kissed a boy ata ll. like I completely forgot how to do it and it makes me nervous to even think of that.
also, guys in my town really cant see past me being the smart one. any advice on that either"?
anything would be great... :/

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Try talking and being more flirty with guys, if they think you're just the typical smart girl ask them if they need help on any subjects and spend some time with them. If this happens then try to be flirty while doing so, show them that you're interested.

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I'm sorry but I don't see how guys would reject you for being "smart"...

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its not that they reject me...they just dont like...think of me that way. they only see me as smart.

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Again. That doesn't make sense. I could understand a couple guys here and there who aren't attracted to brainy women, but that's only a couple.

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first, kissing isnt something that you forget how to do. theres no right or wrong. its natural and it happens when it happens. being known as the "smart one" isnt a bad thing. would you rather be known as smart or sluty for getting around with a bunch of guys? I would choose smart any day. you will go somewhere being smart, and you will kiss a guy soon im sure. dating and flirting is always fun. try going out to places you wouldnt usually go but places you like doing things. like bookstores if you like reading but your usually at the library. and when it does happen the guy will be just as nervous but follow his lead.
I think girls always want what they cant have. if you were sluty you would wish you were smart. good luck... and if you have a really close gay guy friend they are always good to practice with because they will be honest and can give you tips! I've done it and it helps...

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