What is one thing in your life you would like to do over if you could?

Answer #1

Open my eyes a bit more about things.

Answer #2

I would’ve waited a while longer to lose my virginity.

Answer #3

i wouldnt have been so shy around taylor (a guy that kinda liked me)

Answer #4

halleleuya to that!! : )

Answer #5

Not wasted so much time on the streets….it’s was a great education, but I could have straightened out sooner.

Answer #6

When I was a kid, I should’ve said something to my mom before she left. But I didn’t and I regret it big time.

Answer #7

Probably stand up for myself when I was getting beaten by my dad until I was 11 and stand up to my ‘friends’ who used me.

I wish I could take those back, but alas, the world doesn’t work that way. I now live with physical and mental scars from those times. If it was the same situation back then, I would definitely change the outcome.

Answer #8

Amen LOL same here

Answer #9

Nothing, everything that has happened in the past has made me the person I am today.

Answer #10

I made it to 20… but I feel like I could have dated him a little longer lol

Answer #11

In all honesty i’m unbelievably happy, i wouldn’t change anything for fear my present state wouldn’t occur.

Answer #12

I think that the I regret nothing statement is so short sighted. If u regret it means u would not do it again knowing what u do now. Nothing about sadness or moarning in the definition. If u ha to repeat a car accident you ran from and got caught would u still run. Idt so

Answer #13

me 16… lol i wish iwoulda waited more

Answer #14

To me I do not regret anything, any decision I have ever made, any thing I have ever done, any stupid mistake, any bad choice I would never want to have choosen a different path then the one I took. The choices that I made, created the person I am today and I like the person I am today, the mistakes I made make me different from everyone else, they gave me a story to tell. For me regreting something is pointless why waste you life worring about the past when there is only so little time ahead of you.

Answer #15

I would like to retake my recent maths paper.. because I have written the wrong answer on the paper that has to be summited as a result i falied by one mark. If I wasnt careless, if i was able to open my eyes bigger then i wouldnt have failed:(

Answer #16

Talk to my crush a lot earlier than I actually did. I waited until the end of the school year so I didn’t get to know him that well before the summer, and he doesn’t have a phone. Not talking to him sooner is the biggest regret of my life! :(

Answer #17

i was 16 aswell. She broke my heart and now sex isn’t a big deal to me and I hate it

Answer #18

Aw I’m sorry :(

Answer #19

probably payed more attention and actually tried in school so i could have got into uni a lot easier and started my career a lot quicker.

Answer #20

i could have done a lot better in middle school-thankfully I can start over in high school =) and I would have opened up more-I am so shy when meeting new people =( but I decided to open up more-join teams and clubs and saying “hi!” a lot more =) can’t back down now!=)

Answer #21

Same here =(

Answer #22

My dad abused me too!=( I am so sorry all the pain he caused you…but it’s over now =)..hopefully.

Answer #23

I think sex can definately ruin a relationship because that’s all she wanted me for after did and she then cheated twice

Answer #24

But I digress I regret losing it

Answer #25

haha you sound just likke me!! lol

Answer #26

I’d like to have stayed away from hurtful people :)

Answer #27

Yeah, it really can. If it’s done too soon, I think it turns into lust… I should have waited longer and made a stronger mental connection with him. Now 75% of our relationship is physical..

Answer #28

not wasting my life wen i was little with all little problems that didnt even matter

Answer #29

I would have been born straight instead of g@y cuz I hate the fact that people expect certain things of me that they wouldn’t if I was straight. I feel like I could be a much better person.

Answer #30

theres nothing wrong with being g@y…..

Answer #31

yea i kno what u mean my relationship is also mostly physical.. i hate it cuz it is my fault!

Answer #32

I’m just saying that people expect certain things of me because of my sexuality and like, if I want to do something out of the ordinary they sort of judge, and that effects me and makes me not want to do it. For example, if I wanted to play football. They’d be like “Queers can’t play football!!!” So I wouldn’t play football. I could have ended up being an amazing football player but I’d never know. I wasn’t saying I’m a bad person for being g@y, I meant that I could amount to much more if I wasn’t sort of restricted by my sexuality :P if that made sense like, at all. I’m a bit tired : \

Answer #33

it made sence…. a lot actually…… but if i were in your situation i wouldnt let my sexuality get in my way of anything i would want to do….. if they say anything about it or call you names dont let it get to you bc life is too short…. :)

Answer #34

Haha, thanks :P but I sort of care a lot about what people think :3

Answer #35

well i tried lol…. :)

Answer #36

Yeah, it stopped when I was 11. At that time, I got serious about making something of my life by losing weight(I was 110lb. at 4’8” =FAT) and dreaming to be in the Marines. It was also the pain from people I called my ‘friends’ who were just as mean as my dad. Back then, I had poor self-esteem and there was never really a family bonding between my mom and dad, especially my dad so that kind of led to bad choices. Though, in some odd way, I’m actually thankful because I see the world differently and I have more self reliance now, unlike back then.

Answer #37

i dont think u wana know.. jk..jk

Answer #38

Never braking up with my awesome now ex-boyfriend

Answer #39

my 1st kiss

Answer #40

i would have cut off any connection with my dad from as young as i could

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