On which chapter does the bible says about musturbating

On which chapter does the bible says about musturbating

Answer #1

Yes the Bible does talk about masterbation look in Deuteronomy 23:9-14.I hope this helps.

Answer #2

why the hm hm would they write abotu that in the bible

Answer #3

Good answer athleta4life. I agree with you on this.

Answer #4

The Bible does not say anything about self pleasure.

Answer #5

It says “I would rather have you lay your seed inside of a prostitute than on the ground”

So basically masturbation is worse than premarital sex or adultery

Answer #6

In the book of Genesis the story of Onan is often mentioned as a prohibition on masturbation. However, it is unclear what Onan’s sin of “spilling his seed” was. Some interpret it as mastrubation, others think it means coitus interrruptus, some say it is to have non-productive sex (I.e. use birth control or to have sex when no pregnancy is possible), others think it is to refuse to have children with his brother’s widow (as was the law of the day), some say it is to not faithfully follow God’s wishes.

Answer #7

I dont even think there is a chapter about it but if there is I bet it would say its unholy

Answer #8

The bible does not mention masturbation directly, however; there are other verses that allude to sin and lust in general and those are the reasons given that you shouldn’t do it.


Answer #9

the bible does not speak of it at all. even teh story of Onan in Genesis is not of masturbation but of taking advantage of his brothers sister for self gratification by only using her for sex and not abiding by the law.

I see masturbation as perfectly natural really. every human has urges, and well, honestly we have to find a way to satistfy them.

and waiting till marraige is a bummer, since NOWADAYS people dont get married until they are in their 20s or 30s.

back then in biblical times, an average teen was getting ready for marriage.

but you simply have to look back at the times you HAVE masturbated, and reflect on the fact, if you have or have not lusted during that period of time.

LUSTING is the sin, and I suppose that is why many holy people suggest you not do it.

if you can masturbate without lusting, go ahead, more power to you.

but if you find a way to, please, show us how!!!

masturbation can also be a bit dangerious, because, you can make a habit of it, which will lead to an addiction. and when your addicted to something like sexual gratification, it becomes as normal as eating. its not like your nicotine or alcoholic addictions.

and an addiction to sexual gratification, can lead to perversion, and the like (pornography addicts for example).

masturbate, just, dont get addicted.

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