on the neck?

ok so I know guys will kiss and nibble on your neck… but is it normal for the girl to do the same back???

Answer #1

its really nice I like it a lot. my girlfriend does it to meh ALL the time and she knows I like it so she does it. but its normal. and guys LOVE IT.

Answer #2

my guy LOVES it!

Answer #3

oh yeah some even like when you slightly like any then bloe on there ear…I noe my hubby gets goose bumps from it…

Answer #4

yes it is normal my past girl friends did it to me all of the time and I relly liked it a lot.

Answer #5

if you are getting intimate with someone how would that be immature?

Answer #6

yes of course, iThink guysz like it

Answer #7

yea its normal, but to me I don’t know, it seems unecesary and immature

Answer #8

haha ok I thought so… thanks guys =)

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