How exactly do you kiss a guys neck?

Peck, suck, nibble? What gives the body the greatest sensation?

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My girlfriend likes it when I do that, haha. For me, HARD!!! Lol.

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honestly, it drives my boyfriend crazy when like I kinda make out with his neck? kissing open mouthed.. no tounge... if youd like, trace his name with the tip of your tounge on his neck.. drives them crazy.

wondering if if guys liked it when girl kissed their necks and the

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A lot of girls have asked me about this and ultimately it comes down to your partner. Generally we guys enjoy harder neck-kissing (ie: a lot of suction), but we're all different. Pecking is feels nice emotionally, but if you want to have a physical impact on your partner, the best way is to have your lips open, push them onto his neck, suck inwards until you have a grip and then suck inwards again (at any intensity you see as being suitable). This is a difficult process to describe. Experiment with things and ask your partner how they feel during the process. If you need more specific advice, feel free to ask :)!

How do you kiss a guy's neck?

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