Kiss her neck?

I keep hearing about how girls like to be kissed on the neck and Im going to try that...but I dont know where on the neck to kiss her...I know it probly depends on the girl but what do you all like if you like being kissed on the

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yeah my girlfriend loves to be kissed on the neck.
but I agree with lildrummergyrl, try very softly biting her neck too.

just experiment. you never know what she is going to like untill you try it... she may not know if she likes it or not yet.

she'll let you know though, trust me. lol

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Ok, well you should first address her unless you plan to be spontaneous, and figure out where she likes to be kissed the most, be cause not one girl is every girl, and not every girl is one girl, anyways, find out where she likes it the most, and elaborate, good luck. :]

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I did it to my girlfriend I very softly kissed her neck in different spots and she LOVED it.

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Okay, here is some girl help. Dude, though from minor experience, all girls like to be kissed at the hollow base of their throats, very, very softly (Repeatedly, if that is what the both of you want)and right above the jawline, that is what sends a shiver through their body, but do not do it sort of rough in a way alomost angry, if so CODE RED, do not do because, even if you dont think so, it can hurt, so softly!!!

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it drives me wild when my boyfriend kisses my neck lol try all over her neck not just one spot...I dont mean to sound like a vampire but very softly bite and breathe on her neck, if your not comfy to do it...dont, some women are different and like diifferent things, my neck is a very sensitive area...see if she likes it...oh and be spontanious like superfresh suggested othewise it takes the fun out of it. good luck

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yep, a lot of girls like it.
some might not though...
try starting were her shoulder meets her neck, and then move up from there...or down...whatever works for you! lol

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Well I think it depends how close you are and again who the girl is. If you are just started to make out and it's your guys's first time go for the middle of the neck right below her ear. Get lower as you go along, the lower my boy goes, the more I like it and the more shivers and chills I get.

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girls luv being kissed on the neck. its just like teasing them. ya just gotta be soft an romatic not sucking her neck or giving her a hicky lol!

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