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Why am I having such odd dreams lately; what could they mean?

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Two nights ago I had a sex dream about my ex boyfriend, who I broke up with over a year ago, and I. I initiated the sex. He and I have never had sex though. In the end we were just laying there cuddling and we both looked really happy.

Yesterday night I had this dream where I was in a hospital, but it was under construction and barely built. There were a lot of fat people in that dream. The elevator was just this weird plywood platform that was really shaky and just went up and down. Towards the end of the dream the hospital starting collapsing and I tripped and got my foot caught in the elevator and then one of my family member threw a a flaming bottle at me and no one would help me get up and no one could here me. It ended with a stranger helping me up and barely escaping from the hospital.

Last night I dreamt that I was being chased by this really creepy girl and her head got completely smashed up and she was still chasing me, she then grew big black wings and I collapsed in a corner and just sat in fear as she flew near me. She was also naked and I woke up just before she got to me.